Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Unorganised Crime

They slog while we celebrate. Even labourers are better off. Ever thought about these sales people at the mall or other high street stores. Adorning an Inviting smile, always at your service. Why defame only FW Taylor for scintific management or Jack Welch for the massive Layoffs during his tenure at GE. The whole nation stays comfortably unaware of the plight of the unorganised sector in India. With 1-2 % working comfortably in Govt. sector with good pay and perks, I am referring to a large chunk of unorganised Indian Sector population. Are they not human? Are we Human? Crores are spent on charity for the poor. But nobody thinks about these educated exploited who are not even aware of their rights. What happens after they age? What if they develop debilitating back ache or other problem. The problem is not of Third World countries alone. Walmart recently decided to cut health related and other benefits extended to long standing employees so that expenditure can be kept under check. They would fire employees after two years. Is this not inhuman. Is this the new world order of the globalised world. How can politicians and intellectuals tacitly agree to such atrocious arrangements. Is India shining heartlessly?

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