Friday, October 13, 2006

How to Grow Sales

Sales can be grown not by selling more products but only through marketing and branding your products. Growth of sales is not an activity it's a strategy. It encompasses consistently communicating to your customer not through advertisements but through honest intent that you care for the customer. Its not just sending a sales representative to meet somebody and closing a sale and then harping about it in the annual report.

It's a lot more than that especially in this global world.You need to educate the customers about the product. Some industries even though in nascent stages have taken up this task. Mutual funds for example are even ready to offer you customized investment advice if you drop in ; also they try to educate you through brochures and reports. Other mature companies in industries should take a lesson. If you don't respect your customers you got no business doing business with them. Employees should be trusted in being courteous to customers. Word about bad service or rude behavior spread fast. Your employees should be your brand ambassador no doubt, add to it the fact that good behavior can make a customer your brand ambassador free of cost.Its not just about closing a sale and forgetting about the whole episode. It is providing good after sale service and maintenance. Its about trust and relationship. Its about the promise of quality and of product value or style whatever the customer desires. It entails understanding the customer needs and expectations and delivering the same again and again with constant improvements in process and continuous innovation.

There are two types of customers one existing other potential or prospective customers. The customer experience of your handling can make or mar the growth through any of these two types of customers. This is the age of freedom of expression, one wrong act on your part may invoke bad business press and spoil your growth party. You may argue what if I buy the silence of press? But friend, there are other ways like blogging and word of mouth. How would you stop these? Induce existing customers for repeat business and also keep adding new ones. All these measures are not sufficient but necessary to do business even in a third world country.

" Stop selling, start understanding and MARKETING".

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