Sunday, April 13, 2014

Respect At Workplace : Reasons & Remedy

Recently read an article in Forbes showing that 80% people do not get respect at Work Place. As education levels are increasing what is making us lose the social touch.
Students are provided Life Skills in new Curriculums but they hardly show any qualities in their real life as students. Moreover we are role based human beings & are situational in our behavior.
So while there were only statistics in the article  I began introspection & analytics into lack of respect at workplace.
What may be the reasons of not getting respect at workplace.
1.       Incompetence , can be corrected through training.
2.       Over competence,  following group norms can help.
3.       Using gender to extract undue benefits, corrected through ethical gender behavior.
4.       Lack of Character, very difficult to hide
5.       Not getting along with people due to different culture & sensibilities.
6.       Being a Individual player in a team setting.
7.        Generation Gap
8.       Different Sexual Orientations
9.       Being a different race
10.   Being honest or dishonest in a wrong setting
It’s a complex problem to fetch respect. Its leadership if you get respect of 80% people & don’t get into dirty situations with the other 20%.
Also to get respect it’s important to give respect. Be cosmopolitan, broadminded & open to horizon expanding stretch experiences.