Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tolerating the High Performers in Organisation

We all know that high performers are the no nonsense guys in the organization. They frequently resent the wrong decisions and practices. in the organization. Hence they are a sort of org. purifiers.

There are hardly people in this world who have initiative and there are hardly a few who have a voice. So these people are handy to keep around for the purpose of creating new neural pathways in the org and destroying dysfunctional attitudes and practices.

The high performers also stimulate the work environment with mirroring effects which means that people learn from them on job, winning attitudes and wining styles and overall company training costs may also be reduced and result and achievement orientation may also improve.

So don't junk that man with the achievement drive. He may not be very friendly but he may add the value of five regular team members to your team. Also you may use correction methods for some deficiencies which they may show. Correction always works wonders with adults and children. So why have flabby yes men around you who slowly cause the org bones to weaken.Have a strong backbone.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Human Relation Synergy

Its never under stressed how important is harmony at work place.
Why only at work place even at home or in a country situation.

The role of the leader in this aspect is hardly underwritten. The leader is the in charge of the organisational mood. How the employees traet their customers is very well also determined by how employees are treated themselves at the work place. So it is imperative to respefct the employee as a franchisee of the business.

Employees are the most nearer to the customers and their voice matters the most. Hence it is also important to meet the frontline employees of the org. and take their valuable feedback and finetune processes, products, and strategies from time to time.

If you keep your employees happy they will keep the organisation healthy.
So its the duty of all leaders to be cheerful and enthused at all times. They should keep at least one day for any employee to walk in and share their views on the day to day happenings in the org.

You can differntiate your org. very easily on the caring aspect. It is important to remember that in this age of Social Networks you can easily get good or bad word of mouth based on these parameters.

So you could include a employee bash for every achivement so that their winning streak is reinforced. The more people have fun the more they are likely to enjoy the work and work with passion, which will surely increase the productivity and profitability of the organisation.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Risking / derisking Business Model by Globalising

Recent Japan earth quake gives us all a lesson. The companies which have their businesses spread across the globe have inherently derisked their business against natural disasters. Also it tells us the importance of Insuring and Re-insuring by the Insurance companies.

Many US comapnies have exposure from 10% to 75% in their Japan ventures and hense stand to loose by their strategy of concentrating to much on a geography. Area's like Japan and Gujarat in India are famous to be Earthquake prone but are also very akin to business ventures. This shows what PR can do, it can make a person invest in a inherently risky area, but suitable to business growth and entrepreneurism.

So planning a business think of it, not more than 20% of the business in One country esp. if it is disaster prone. Similarly with the markets, better to have more diverse customers to de risk the revenues and marketing function of the Company. Always think of de risking your company. If only the US businessmen thought they would have avoided the great second depression in Global economy.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Living with Honor

Man has a nature of Group Dynamism and Black Mail minorities in organisatin with overload and insulting advances. This reduces the self esteem of those not subscribed to groups. Many organisation thrive on office romance like many Training institutes and call centres. There are many call centres exclusively for women why?

So are you a team or a ethical group? How to know?

How do you deal when someone is inferior to the post to which they join. By training them or by humilating them.

How do you respond to a star in a average organisation, by Double Promotion, or shattering her confidence by spoiled ACR. Or giving the feedback that they are really better and some thing good is waiting for them.

People of Honor form a team ready to gel and not forcefully ensconse people into their cellular lives.

Living with Honor

Sometimes you are better than average at the job you are doing . Sometimes you are below average at the job which you are doing. If you have a good appraisal for your job although U are average or below average then your boss is living with honor and you are not. If you have a bad appraisal for a good job done, you are living with honor but your boss is not. It is important to live by honor. The old Mother India Song Says," Zinda hai jo Izzat se vo izzat se marega". So honor lies in earning ones wages. Honor lies in teaching others to live by Honor. Moral of the story : If one keeps improving ones purse and social graph will improve.