Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Global Manager Conundrum

There is a urgent need to revamp the management education system of India. Today with 15-16 years of liberalisation behind us, India is on the vanguard of becoming a global hub for talented manpower. Already about 25% of US engineers and Doctors are of Indian origin. And believe me friend that is very old figures. But in recent times a problem being faced by India i s that of manpower crunch. One reason of it is better avenues abroad, where all the Indian Educational cost are getting subsidized to the developed countries. Another reason is non-alignment of Educational Curriculam to the needs of the Industry. It is required that the curriculum be updated every 2 years at least and also Industry people are hired or invited to deliver quality lectures to students. Also b,c,d,e,f grade Institutes who have just come into the business just to mint money should be made to offer quality education to students.
With globalisation the need of the hour is to generate quality managers who are adept at handling global challenges and also manage a increasingly culturally diverse workforce which is an opportunity if you look at it that way.
It is also imperative to have a large supply of Middle level and top level management candidates, where the real crunch is. Fresh talent is available in abundance and just need to be groomed.