Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thriving in a Political Environment

Umpteen number of times people complain about the political nature of their jobs.

Now come on we can't escape from the fact that man is a political animal. With 200 govt's of the world some nation or the other is always on polls, not to talk about the various wars that countries indulge in.

So all in all it can be called politics and hostility or simply HUMAN DYNAMICS.

So one should learn to adapt to Human Dynamics. And managers should make sure they know how to harness the dysfunctional politics and CONVERT into functional conflicts which boost productivity of the Human Capital and improves the general psychological well being of the organization.

The psychological or emotional health of the organization is to be lead by key people.
The role of the managers in this regard is to show magnanimity and leadership in not involving in petty ego stands.

Remember the show should go on and to achieve that numbers have to be churned every quarter.

This can not be achieved with out study and stoic emotional intelligence of the org.
which has to be guided and moulded from time to time.