Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Organisational Replenishment - 20%-70%-10%

Keep you organization vital at all the times, and how can you do that.

For the above purpose you need to understand that there are three classes of workers in any organization

1. Top Performers ( 20%)
2. Mediocre Performers ( 70%)
3. Non -Performers (10 %)

So you need a performance appraisal or measurement system which can measure and classify employees into the above three classes. It is very important for you to be transparent in this process as any attempt to include a sycophant in a above category than deserved will certainly not get unnoticed.

After classifying the people according to their capabilities you have to take necessary action to increase the vitality of the organization.

The above percentages are average. So it should be your endeavor to increase the percentage of performers, reduce the percentage of non-performers and take necessary measures to send the mediocre performers into the performers category by training and motivational techniques.

You know that performers can be ticked off by equity treatment and need differentiated treatment. That's where you need to be bold and carve out a strategy to retain the best at the cost of non-performers.

But non-performers and mediocre may take this to be inequity at workplace so you need to device ways of retaining top performers, like offering secret joining bonus to a top-performer joiner and ask him to keep shut about the whole affair.

So it is totally up to you how you use HR to invigorate your organisations DNA to a performance oriented from a clunky mediocre performence based.

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