Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Age Media Vehicles

With coming of a new era , comes the opportunities of new Advertising Vehicles.
1. Malls : Malls are used increasingly to target hip and young crowds who are out there to hang out or watch a movie in a multiplex.

2. Cyber Cafes : A survey shows that 50% of Cyber Cafe goers are students and rest 50% are grad's and PG's , these profiles are decision makers and hence can be targetted by advertising solutions used by Cyber Cafes. Using geo tagging you can create tactical advt.s instead of just generic ads.

3. Road Shows : Road shows can be used to create a hype around the product.

4. Mobiles : Mobile advt can be used to reach your potential customer in a cost effective way.

5. Painting Trains and Buses : Painting trains and buses could also get you requisite mind share and high brand recall.

So what are you waiting for go for that new media.

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