Saturday, March 07, 2009

Finding One's Voice

Speaking about motivation. Maslow defined five levels of motivators, self actualization being the top most. Stephan R. Covey went a step further to define a meaningful way in which you can obtain self actualization.

In his book the Eighth habit, Stephan stresses on the idea of finding ones voice, finding ones voice is knowing ones purpose and speaking and expressing about self. The Man always had a voice in the Global Society, in west women found voice, In India women are still struggling to find voice.

This voice should be guided by your values and beliefs. Stephan further adds that after finding your voice you need to help others to find their voice. That is the best existence.

I would say that your voice should be such that it creates harmony in the world. It should create friendliness and peace in the world.

What say guys?

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