Thursday, February 19, 2009

Renting Your Mindspace

A workplace should be clean and free of Dysfunctional politics, but many a time that does not happen and we see lot of dysfunctional politics in the office. This mat result in strained inter personnel relationships and lost man hours of productivity, apart from loss of goodwill from customers in customer facing departments. Thus it is important that employees do not create problems for each other. Such employees should be identified and positive and negative steps should be taken to warn them to abstain from dysfunctional behavior. One of the employee party to the dispute could be transferred to other department, or if things are worse could be fired. As one bad apple spoils the whole lot.


Rashmi said...

True, politics at workplace spoils the atmosphere & has an adverse effect on productivity.

umbrella22 said... true ! Inter personal relationships, petty jealousies shouldn't be allowed to bother the workplace. Well said !