Sunday, February 01, 2009

Employees Owning The Business

A lot has been written about the professional management vs. family owned business and how many family oriented firms have gained by using professional management. But the latest Satyam fiasco and the various US accounting scams prove otherwise. I have a small story which depicts how employees can be subservient to the cause of business freedom through hired managers.

I used to go to this Cyber Cafe in Dombivli and these had some employees hired in addition to the regular management. These employees would act like owners in absence of owners and would not allow the customers to sit.

They would start chatting on 2-3 PC's and deny service to the legitimate customers. As I was a regular customer I recognised them and alerted the owner to the potential problem who promptly took action by firing some of the errant employees and increasing their supervisory time and surprise checks

So now what you have to say about the professional management vs. owner debate.


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