Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Marketing Techniques

Many software companies use online distribution of files which results in piracy and cracks and lost business. But it is imperative to use online and offline ATL and BTL marketing to promote your business through troughs and crusts.

I was experiencing the power of net when I came across some techniques of marketing by some companies. Limiting the time utility is one method. Zapak gives a game for download which is valid for 1 hour 1 month. It means if you play 2 minutes daily the trial period gets exhausted in 30 days. If you play 1 hour then it exhausts in one day itself. Cool isnt it. Also the word game of Readers Digest is valid only for 1 hour from the beginning of trial. Now thats another way of giving short bursts of product experience to your customers.

Another way if marketing many software companies use is free limited edition of product to spread viral Word of Mouth and premium paid edition with enhanced features.

So thats all on marketing for now. Chow?

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