Friday, February 20, 2009

Groups,Teams and Gangs

Yes employees could be classified in the above three terms.

Teams are groups that perform and work constructively for the well being of the company. More often such teams are diverse in nature. The members are committed to the organisational goals and indiavidual goals are aligned to the goals of the organisation creating that synergy for performance.

Groups are employees which have some common critera of formation and join togther to form work norms and cliques to the detriment of the company. These groups would not allow individual committed workers to work for the best of the company and may craete hurdles in their path.

Gangs are the most deliterious of criminals operating in a company. These groups are totally criminal bent of mind and may steal company info or property and sell for a decent profit. So beware of these employees. That is why it is important to invest a few thousand of Rs. to run background check on employees to see if you are hiring the right line.

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