Saturday, February 21, 2009

High Stress Abusive Work Environments

All occupations have Hazards, Some have more so.

Referring to work environments where you are likely to encounter verbal abuse which is the more malicious of all abuses. Well police force according to newspaper reports have high degree of associated verbal abuse. many a time reports of a subordinate shooting a senior is reported in newspapers. that is the extreme for of reaction to verbal abuse manifested.

Other work environments having high stress are Sales and Defense force. Sales people have their targets and firing on every morning on not reaching the targets. Also defense personnel are also reported to lot of verbal abuse and stress.

With the above information in mind you should make a proactive choice to join such work places and at your own risk and knowledge.

Also the decision relating to career is a long lasting effect on life so all care should be taken to choose the best employer for along lasting and fulfilling career.

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