Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Leadership Lessons

It was when I used to teach at a School. There was a paucity of Text Books of the subject I used to teach. One girl lent me a book of hers which was used throughout the academic session by me. The girl coped well and was a fine grader. After reflecting on the incident I realized that she was also a good leader even while at school. She had shown the quality of making a sacrifice for making the goal of the group.

How often do we see even matured people making a sacrifice for the group. A true leader. I was also reading an article in newspaper on how a woman fired herself being the CEO to keep her team mates in job. That is the crescendo of leadership. Sacrifice.

Most people are self centered and selfish and hardly understand the group goals. In this scenario the above two examples stand out in explaining leaders how they can be better at their jobs and even managers can develop some accommodating behavior and learn leadership.

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