Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Decision Making and Revisionism

many a times many ministers have been branded as Roll Back ministers if they roll back a previous tenant of their Financial Budget or policy.
Yesterday I was going through the Jack Welch Column in 4p where he stressed that Revisionism is decision making is not bad.
Many a times the leader has to take decision under uncertainty and may lead to wrong decision at such times not correcting the decision in the face of possibility that people may brand the leader as Flip Flop leader is even more damaging.
Its better to revise than to continue with a wrong decision.
Many a times strategic insights are upended to previous insights and make it imperative to change the course of previous decisions. At such times Jack stresses that it is a leadership quality to make changes without clinging to the wrong decision.
Mr. Jack Welch I completely agree with you.


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