Monday, December 20, 2010

When there are too many leaders

I am a old author of Management through Blogs.

When people used to talk about change as a management fad, I proposed that only positive change should happen and working practices should not be abandoned.

Today I have another proposition. Too much emphasis is given on leadership development at all levels. But one must be cautious not to allow this to become a leader managers situation. A leader manager situation is when all the leaders join the managers and no body is left to manage or work.

Such situation is likely to happen in government office when they adopt new management principles. Similar trends are sen when succession planning is being done and more than two to four candidates are being trained for the top post and the disgruntled leave the organisation along with their team. There should be a management strategy for such a situation and the problem could be viewed as a challenge, by setting up new small sunrise sector small companies with ESOPs for the rejected candidates. Or as a measure of corporate CSR they should be allowed to set up their own companies with angel funding and stake by their owners.

All management terms and axioms are fads till practiced and understood insight fully. Just like all problems are essentially challenges for those who have the grit. So India's and US's large swathes of Unemployed could also be a advantage, are you the leader who can make it?

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