Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kaizen Through Attrition

Come on. Am I nuts?

No but its true. A secure job with no competition what so ever takes you to your worst state of efficiency. So if you want that all should be nimble in your organization try attrition. Yes sometimes wear and tear can lead you to the ultimate HR nirvana and what that could be?

Fire bottom 10% of non performers every 6 months. Then what would be the result. Top performers will feel the zest and be motivated to deliver. Counsel the non performers that in this job there is no career and growth for both them and the company. If possible place them in other jobs in the same company or a subsidiary.

Else counsel them to find a better job and give them 3 months or so to displace so that no bad blood is developed within the organization.

More better managers or workers hired in place of these non performers will breed success in your organization.

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