Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tolerating the High Performers in Organisation

We all know that high performers are the no nonsense guys in the organization. They frequently resent the wrong decisions and practices. in the organization. Hence they are a sort of org. purifiers.

There are hardly people in this world who have initiative and there are hardly a few who have a voice. So these people are handy to keep around for the purpose of creating new neural pathways in the org and destroying dysfunctional attitudes and practices.

The high performers also stimulate the work environment with mirroring effects which means that people learn from them on job, winning attitudes and wining styles and overall company training costs may also be reduced and result and achievement orientation may also improve.

So don't junk that man with the achievement drive. He may not be very friendly but he may add the value of five regular team members to your team. Also you may use correction methods for some deficiencies which they may show. Correction always works wonders with adults and children. So why have flabby yes men around you who slowly cause the org bones to weaken.Have a strong backbone.

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